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We make iPhone apps for Business and Play! Websites with mobile designs!.

Business Mobile

Helps reaching customers in the palm of their hands.

Add Loyalty

Regenerate clientele with a digital loyalty stamp card.

Scratch & Win

Everyone loves a scratchie, regain repeat business with a scratch and win card.


Or maybe you want to reach the world with your story.

Recipe App

Maybe you have the best recipes to share.

An idea

Maybe you have an idea for a new breed of App, we can help you their.

chefs desk.

chefs desk - recipes from our chefs and from the web. We share what we find to be the best recipes and news we can find. -Featured page- sharing recipes from blogs and app users. -Entrees page- Quick and easy light meals to delight your friends. -Mains page- Awesome recipes to impress. -Desserts page- recipes to indulge and sweeten your friends or your self. -News- Interesting hospitality news -Push notifications so you don't miss any new recipes or news. -share recipes to friends and social networks. -Comment on recipes, ask for help, or offer some advice and tips. -If you like you can submit recipes or news, via the link in our about page, Get involved and share your talent and delights


jumpstar, help our little man collect all the stars, tap to jump, double tap to jump further, chase down the stars before they fall, while jumping our little man from platform to platform, without hitting walls or falling of the screen

Xmas Frames 2014.

Its nearly Christmas, This year personalise your photos with Xmas Frames 2014 Xmas Frames 2014, the official app , brings Xmas to you, Capture or import a photo . Then select from 40 plus Xmas theme frames, 12 photo filters, add text, and instantly share your Xmas Pic! Share to loved ones, friends, Enjoy! More frames coming Soon in next Update!.

Xmas Frames 2014- 40 plus authentic Xmas theme Border frames.. FILTERS - 12 photo filters with live previews let you customize your photo any way you choose. With this wide variety of effects you will be sure to find the one that you love. From vintage styles to vibrant chroma film, our filters and photo effects give your photos a unique and Xmas festive flare. IMAGE SETTINGS - Adjust the following new image settings: exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, hue, temperature, tint, shadows, highlights, and sharpness. Fine tune your Pic to make something truly unique. TEXT - Add text to your picture, Personalize your pics with Xmas messages to friends or loved ones! SHARE - Share your picture via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email. You can also save your picture directly to your iPhone photo library!.


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